Morning Test

I’m in the midst of writing six papers so I can finish up my semester, sleep again and get ready to (hopefully) do all sorts of wonderful, summery things. Yeah. Six papers. This morning I woke up and perused some of my favorite blogs and came across a test. I’m a sucker for tests…does that somehow also make me a masochist?!

The Pierly/Redford Dissociative Affect Diagnostic. It claims to be “an exploration of the brain’s affective response system” and it seeks to understand the link between language and “emotional understanding”. I suppose it is all a bit vague and above my head in a way. I took it anyways. I won’t actually go into how the test works, just in case giving people a head’s up=possible screwy ‘results’. Anyways here are my results.

Though quiet on the outside, you are often the hidden hero; someone who rushes in when needed and then after the emergency is over fades back into the woodwork. Because of this sense of duty and honor, you can also on occasion be rigid in your viewpoint and unyielding in the face of other ways of thinking. Usually cynical and rarely trusting of others, you maintain a small set of intimate friends. These bonds are stronger than most. You are always grounded in the present moment. Your close bonds can also lead to clique-ishness and a tendency to gossip about those who are deemed less worthy. You are an integrative thinker, collecting data from a wide range of sources and applying it to your worldview. You can become overly task-oriented. In stressful situations you often withdraw from the world to seek peace in contemplation. You often seem cold and withdrawn. Often you will withdraw rather than verbalize your discontent.

So, I may not have completely understood what the test sought to do, but the results are pretty spot on. I am pretty quiet, though I hardly consider myself a ‘hero’. I definitely feel much more comfortable with a small, close-knit set of friends and that part about withdrawing during stressful situations? Yeah, that is absolutely me. Also, I had an episode that completely falls within the scope of that last sentence this past weekend.

Actually, my results seem to be a mix of what I would consider to be positive and negative traits. Hmmm, I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. Maybe what this test has taught me (because aren’t you supposed to learn something from tests?!) is that I need to work on some of the traits that I think are negative.

If you want to take the test you can find it here


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