Consummatum Est

Dusting off the old latin!! It may not be right, since I failed latin. twice.

I finished my classes this week, and now I can get back to sleeping normally and reading for pleasure. I’ve been slowly amassing books that I just don’t have time for, but I have a month in between semesters so I plan on devouring some good books. I’ve recently started listening to NPR again, and they’ve been talking up a lot of books that sound pretty interesting. I may start off with what I like to call a “fluffy, don’t have to think” book. Or a young adult book. Hey now, don’t judge! There have been some pretty awesome YA books out recently (Hunger Game Trilogy, anyone) and honestly, I will always have a soft spot for some Sarah Dessen since, you know, she kind of ‘got me’ and all my high school angst. Oh the angst.

I’m in the midst of packing for my trip to Costa Rica. Woah, that sentence is pretty surreal. Anyways, packing. I’m kind of overwhelmed. I have a list, but I’m such a last minute packer that I feel out of my element. All I know is that I am going to have to check it like, at least twice because it would suck to get all the way to Costa Rica and not have; say my camera charger.

Now for the shameless plug. I’ll be blogging about my Costa Rica trip on my travel blog

It is a bit of a work in progress, since I haven’t really touched it cause I got busy with school,  but I hope to have it cleaned up and spiffed up before I leave on Monday evening. Not sure if I will be blogging in real time, since I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking my laptop (unplug from the world and all that jazz) but I may be able to update from my friends ipad. Anyways, regardless, I’ll have some Costa Rica related posts up in the next few weeks.

Back to packing I guess.


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