Folks, I’m Employed

After nearly a year of job searching I was finally offered a job! A paying one. I’ve spent that last few months interning with the Office of the Governor. Its been a fun, exciting learning experience but I’m glad that I will finally be making some money. My mom is probably way more thrilled in this respect than I am.

I’ll be working for the Texas Legislative Council as a document processing tech. Basically, I’ll be helping to digitalize and archive the documents we receive. My first day in December 3 so my last day at the OOG is November 30. Sad.  However, I’m super stoked as I think this will utilize some of my skills and background in history and because I get to stay in downtown Austin. The job is sessional, but it’ll be a great learning experience and will hopefully lead to bigger, better things!

My ultimate goal is to work for NARA (National Archives and Record Administration) so maybe this is my “small step” towards the “giant leap”. Rubbish analogy, I know, but NARA is awfully close to NASA and…well, that’s how my mind works!


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