2012. The Year I…

I lived in three different cities
for about four months each
and finally ended up in Austin.

Fell in love (hopelessly)
Was dumped.
Did the dumping (not the same relationship, obvs)

Became an aunt
to Jemenah Jade
Learned the Hot Dog Song.

Welcomed a second generation
of cousins; two decades younger
Saw a prayer answered and patience rewarded.

Made (several) mistakes
learned to live with them
Well, maybe still working on that.

Found myself working for the government
Office of the Governor, Legislative Council
Surprising, but enjoying the ride

Had a creative lull
A spark and a first (small) step
registered an email address

Reconnected with old friends
made some rad new ones
Sometime felt (self) exiled from AL

Was hit with being an adult
pesky student loans
someone want to pay them for me?

First full year I wasn’t in school
Adrift? Oh yeah
But also didn’t have the urge to go back (yet)

Drifted away from yoga
slowly returned
felt peace and no judgment.

Learned to read again
For pleasure, I mean
Back to history, inevitably.


One thought on “2012. The Year I…

  1. So many similarities on our road! Mistakes, yes. Lull and spark, yes. Old friends, yes! Yoga, drifting away but know how good it feels. Reading, desperately trying!

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