Vintage Vignettes

*Compiled over the past month or so*

1. Dear Gabrielle Reese, I do not want to exude the type of femininity you espouse. I do not want to be submissive to the wills, whims, and personality of my significant other. In short, I do not want to lose my individuality just because I’m married or in a serious relationship. 

Your entire stance of what it means to be truly “feminine”–soft, receptive, and submissive–completely goes against the strong woman that dominates her sport. I think your opinions are all the more unsettling because you are a woman who has defined her sport in a way very few of your male counterparts have. 

2. Fingers crossed, third time’s the charm. No, no it wasn’t. I am now devastated and torn between letting go of a long-standing dream or pursuing it in a, maybe, less zealous fashion. Also, I’m slightly disgusted that discriminatory laws aren’t universal. Like, adopted by all countries and stuff. I’m looking at you, Japan. 

3. I will be unemployed after May 31, 2013. Well, I hope that I’ll have a job lined up by then; I’ll just be unemployed from my current job at the end of May. This is exciting and stressful, but mostly just terrifying. I will not (cannot) do the whole year of unemployment again. 

4. My first semester as an ESL teaching assistant is over. It was truly an eye-opening experience. I am humbled by my fellow teachers and students. Next time I feel like being a lazy ass I’m going to think of these amazing people I’ve met. Folks that hold two, three jobs and still make the commitment and time to learn a new language. Especially apropos when talking about…

5. SeaWheeze in Vancouver in August. Not nearly as prepared at this point as I would have liked. See above, must kick my ass into gear. 

6. Blind rant: Hi. I have realized that you are the complete antithesis of me. Your wishy-washiness when it comes to (IMO) a toxic relationship has me dropping you like a hot potato. Sorry. Yeah, it harsh and yeah, it’s probably unfair of me but that’s who I am (right now) and how I deal with this sort of crap. Take charge, man! Don’t hmm and haw just because…what? the sex is good? (you seem like a prude so I doubt you’re getting any) Also, you’re shining “anime eye” enthusiasm over Howard freaking Zinn has completely pushed you over the edge of any sort of redemption. 


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