5 AM Dallas ramblings

Thanks to technology, I’m writing this as I sit in the Dallas airport waiting for boarding to start.

I caved. I totally went ahead and paid for my carryon because, in the end, I could budget for $45/way vs a potential $100/way.

Apologies, in advance for any errors or nonsensical ramblings (more so than usual!) I’ve only had like 2 hours of sleep.

CNN’s hard hitting story of the morning is: what’s going on with all these freak bouncy house accidents. Lol, seriously guys. Oy!

So, what do I want to “accomplish” in Costa Rica? I want to relax and relieve the stress of not planning this trip. I want to just go. I want to run. I want to meet new people. I want to be confident in my solo adventures.

I want to read equal parts fluffy reads and intellectually stimulating tomes. I want to make the most of every single day; even if it means getting to San Jose and crashing. I want to eat maracuya ice cream. And, because I’m hopelessly shallow, I want to get a badass tan.

See y’all on the other side


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