Oh, Hey.

Obviously, I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. For good reason! Here’s a quick rundown of things that have been happening in my life as of late: 

  • Left job at the Thinkery
  • Packed up our huge apartment 
  • Moved from Austin 
  • Spent a weekend in Austin as a family (a really significant occurrence, IMO)
  • Moved back to Odessa
  • Accepted a job as a long term sub (a mere two days after moving back!)
  • Started the process to receiving my teaching certification 
  • Jury Duty (blergh)
  • Mad dash to get organized before school starts on Monday (aaaah!)

So, there you have it. Honestly, it’s a bit scary how fast things started happening once I moved back to Odessa. Like, “this is where you were supposed to be at this point in your life” scary. Scary in the “If it’s meant to be, God will make things work,” way that my aunt so often talked about. Scary in Tim Gunn’s “make it work,” sort of way. 

Not everything has fallen into place yet. Still working on figuring out some sort of workout/run/bike schedule. Also, I need to learn how to swim before September 24th seeing as I have a triathlon that day. 

I know things are about to get crazy busy in the next few days but I’m super excited. Bring it on (also, wish me luck)! 


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