Oh, Dallas.

I was born in Odessa, TX which meant that our vacations consisted of mainly taking trips to bigger, more exciting cities in Texas. Believe me, any place is more exciting than Odessa unless you’re into staring at your reflection. Dallas, which was only (!) five hours away was a place we visited frequently.

I never liked Dallas. I think it’s because I was traumatized at a very early age by the wax Wicked Witch of the West at the Dallas wax museum. I mean, its pretty traumatic when even at 28 years old you get goose pimples. Fast forward ten years later to a post high school trip and another traumatic Dallas experience: traffic.

However, as I browse for research topics I find myself drawn to Dallas and its history. One of my papers as a graduate student detailed how the Red Scare impacted the Dallas art community. Right now I’m working on gathering research about Horace Bonner; a African American who moved into a predominately white neighborhood in 1950 and whose home was subsequently destroyed (presumably by his neighbors).

I’m excited about where this might go. I’m already planning on making a trip for research and general information digging, traffic be damned.